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Pool room Tool shed Bathroom
Perfume shop Jewlery room Boudoir
 A boys room The witch The telephone exchange
Mini houses Coffee Yards
Pavilion Courtyard in Rome Balcony
Up here you can have a look at my roomboxes and five yards . My eldest son made the box that became the pool room . The tool shed, the bathroom, the boudoir, the boys room and the courtyard in Rome are made into wooden wineboxes. The perfume shop is made into a small cabinet for keys. The jewlery room is made into a wooden box, I can´t remember what the box was originally ment for. The witches room is a box. The telephone exchange is made into an old clock by Riikamaria Paakkunainen . The coffee roombox is made into a box that contained coffee and chocolate originally. I put the mini houses in a wooden winebox. The yards are located between the houses. The pavilion is made into a lantern. The balcony is a gift from the Canary islands.

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